Online Bill Payment

Attention to all new auto pay and EFT withdrawal customers:

Please note that if you are new to credit/debit card auto pay or auto EFT withdrawals you must make your first payment manually if you are signing up for this payment option less than 30 days from your billing due date. If you are more then 30 days from your billing due date the payment will begin to run automatically. If you have any questions regarding these payment options please contact us at 1.866.859.8686.

Example: If your billing due date is on October 21st and you sign up for auto pay on October 5th, you would need to make that payment manually since it is not more then 30 days prior to your billing due date.

EFT Payments.

If you make an EFT payment from a checking or saving account please note that if the check comes back as unable to locate, closed, insufficient funds, etc… There will be a $35 Return Check Fee applied to the account.

Attention to all email statement customers:

If you sign up for email statements and do not log into your account every 60 days. The online account becomes inactive and the email statements are cancelled. If this happens you will receive paper statements until you reactivate the online account and signup for email statements again.


I have read and understand the statement above – Proceed to Bill Pay


Sign up for credit card auto pay and stop making manual payments! Place your credit/debit card or your checking account on file and your payments will automatically be deducted from your account on your billing due date! Sign up on My Care Portal or by contacting us at 1.866.859.8686.